Shorinji Kempo Anatomized 4 DVD Set - Budovideos Inc

Shorinji Kempo Anatomized 4 DVD Set

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This limited edition DVD set was released to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Shorinji Kempo Organization.

Doshin So Biography
Doshin So Philosophy
Yuuki So Prologue
Yuuki So Bio 1
Yuuki So Bio 2
Yuuki So's latest steps

A Look at Howa
Former representative Yoshitaka Suzuki of Kongo Zen Sohanzan Shorinji, delivers a sermon on the theme of "Today's Kongo Zen." He discusses a number of topics in depth including the essence of humanity that remain unchanged after 60 years, recognizing dharma and one's own potential and the right propagation of Kongo Zen.

A Look at Embu
Mr. Tsunehiro Arai, President of the Shorinji Kempo Federation Foundation, instructs two pairs on embu. By drawing out individual performer's strengths from various perspectives, he takes the overall precision of their preformances to a higher level. He also discusses how embu itself and embu instruction shuold be, among various other themes for study by practitioners.

A Look at Hokei
Mr. Hiromicih Yamasaki, Principal of Zenrin Gakuen, provides hokei instruction. By definind hokei as "homework left by the Kaiso," he introduces an approach to getting closer to the truths of hokei. He also provides instruction on basic motios such as standing and walking, and their relationships to one's opponent, as well as how the training venue should be set up.

All Japan High School Invitational Shorinji Kempo Taikai
Seminars for Doincho Branch Masters & Coaches
Trip to Northeastern China Tracing Kaiso's Thought & Intensions
Study Presentations
Trip to Henan Province of China, Connection the Origin and the Future of Friendship
Open Symposium, Tadotsu Festival and Daruma Festival
Ceremony and Reception

Final Round Embu Permormances of the Shorinji Kempo 60th Anniversary Taikai
5th Dan & Above
4th Dan
3rd Dan
2nd Dan
1st Dan
Women 3rd Dan & Above 

Disc 1-2: Japanese with English subtitles
Disc 4: Japanese

Run time: 6 hours on 4 DVDs
Shorinji Kempo Anatomized 4 DVD Set - Budovideos Inc

Shorinji Kempo Anatomized 4 DVD Set

Regular price $200.00 AUD
Regular price $260.00 AUD Sale price $200.00 AUD