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Lightning Strike Muay Thai DVD with Lerdsila

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3 Time Prestigious RAJADAMNERN Champion,LUMPINEE Champion, WMC Champion,

World Muay Thai Champion !!!

Content :

1. Intro.

2. Fake Round Kick to Push Kick.

3.Fake Push Kick to Scissor Kick.

4. Jamming Push Kick to High Push Kick

5. Push Kick- The Standing Leg Defense.

6. Using Push Kick in the ring.

7. Avoiding a Catch Kick & Sweep Attempt.

8. Front Leg Knee Defense

9.Escape from Kick Catch.

10.Parry forward & Elbow Strike.

11. Lean & Counter Kick

12.Long Knee Defenses.

13. Evading The Clinch.

14. Countering the grab with Back Elbow.

15. Throwing from Clinched Position.

16. Off Balance Throw.

17. Lerdsila's Footwork

18. Final Thoughts

Directed & Narrated in English by Muay Thai Expert : David Huey. 

Assisted by Gunn Kanchanastit & Kritt Saeung.