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Lameco Escrima: Essential Knife DVD 3 by Dave Gould

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This third volume of the series will concentrate in the abilities most important and the training to execute a correct unfolding of the weapon if we were suddenly in a crisis situation. In this DVD, we will practice and develop to the 10 openings more basic starting points from sak-sak (position with the weapon towards outside), since the weapon is in the pocket until we do against the situation. Also we will comment the forms to use a modern folding knife like weapon, with measures that go from “nonlethal” to “lethal”, following the scale. In addition, if we were in situations and adverse moments, it is fundamental that we dominate the ability to quickly unfold the weapon under the pressure of an aggressive attack. When you train as if your life depended on it, you end up also fighting as if thus outside.


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