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Kyusho Gock Ng Sing DVD with Evan Pantazi

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On many occasions, the viewer or the inexperienced student of Kyusho only sees the superficial technique and not the deep impact that this will cause in any art that is practiced. However, a further exploration will lead us to broader levels of opportunities with Kyusho points. In this new work, starting from the Gock Ng Sing, the five blocking movements which are especially performed in the wooden dummy training, Master Pantazi explains the application of these groups of combinations and their effects on vital points in the most diverse situations and scenarios. Techniques which adapt to different offensive options, such as simple and multiple arm attacks, kick attacks, tackling and even Tuite (joint manipulation), the possibilities are endless. A rich study material for all those who practice defense and attack arts, whatever their origin, style or nomenclature.
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French