Control the Chaos & Combative Breathing 8 DVD Set with Bjorn Friedrich

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Get two of Bjorn Friedrich's best selling titles at a bundle price!

“Control the Chaos – BJJ Tactics for Self Defense” is one of the most comprehensive BJJ Self Defense Instructionals on the market today. BJJ Blackbelt Björn Friedrich created this 4 volume video series with a running time of 5 hours to cover defenses and strategies against the most common street attacks.

In volume one Björn explains how to deal with the most common striking attacks and safely close the distance to enter clinch range. He shows prefight stances, preemptive attacks and the effective use of the Pisao the BJJ Front Kick.

The system he is teaching is simple and works even in high stress situations and for people who have no background in the striking arts.

In volume two Björn teaches how to control the clinch range. He goes over different control positions and how to protect from strikes or biting attacks. Besides that he covers extensively how to control the hands of an opponent so he can ́t grab into his pocket to pull a weapon.

He also covers how to use punches, elbows, knee strikes and headbutts from the clinch without sacrificing the own dominant position.

In volume 3 Björn covers takedowns and standing submissions. He shows simple and effective takedowns that can be executed on concrete without hurting oneself. All the takedowns work from strong control positions. Additionally he shows chokes and other standing submissions that can be used to finish an opponent while standing.

In volume 4 Björn explains the most important techniques and principles to win a fight on the ground. He shows how to prevent an opponent from biting and how to control someones hands so he can ́t reach into his pocket to pull out weapons, etc. Besides submissions he also shows some techniques to restraint and control.


In the Combative Breathing DVD series BJJ black belt and internal martial arts practitioner Bjorn Friedrich demonstrates his Combative Breathing System which can help you dealing with the physical and emotional stress that happens during a fight or self defense situation.

Stay calm under pressure and develop more endurance, relaxation and the ability to improvise and adapt in the chaos of a real fight. You will learn the 10 principles of breathing and many solo drills that will help you to change the way you breathe, move and fight.

This series contains:

  • The 10 principles of breathing
  • Exercises on the ground
  • Training with a dummy
  • Standing exercises
  • Breathing under pressure
  • Emotional breathing
  • Cold water training

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