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BJJ for Light Weights DVD with Marcello Monteiro

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Every body type has different positions, techniques and strategies that work better than others.  This DVD is designed for the lightweight Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player in mind.  Marcello C. Monteiro naturally falls into the 155lbs. weight class.  If you want to learn how to defend against lightweights by learning their game, or if you are like Marcello and looking to better your game, then this is the DVD is for you!

The BJJ techniques for Lightweights are:

    * Armbar set up to bicep splicer
    * Armbar set up to wristlock
    * De La Riva hook to bull attack against standing opponent
    * Drill for the counter of the arm drag attack with setup
    * Countering opponent stepping over the leg to flying omoplata
    * Half Guard going to the Minotauro sweep then applying the one spider leg sweep
    * Half guard to arm drag
    * Sit through takedown
    * Sprawl with cross face to attacking the opponent's back
    * Back choke grabbing the opponent's pants and passing your leg behing his head
    * Overhook side control to omoplata with wristlock and choke
    * Quick armbar applying the shin from the scissor side control
    * Grabbing the collar to the double leg or backwards takedown getting the mount
    * Ze Galo choke
    * Ze Galo choke to arm bar
    * Wristlock from the scissor side control
    * Sprawl with loop choke