Tanden Tips DVD by Naruyama Hirosawa

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We often say, "Put your strength into your tanden," but the meaning is not as simple as just putting your strength into your tanden. In order to actually use the tanden, it is necessary to have a sense of separating the tanden from the rest of the body, moving it, and supporting it. And by clarifying this sensation in the hip joints, the sacrum, or in the hands of both hands, the understanding of the tanden deepens and various movements become possible.


1 What is Tanden
Location of Tanden/Utilities of Tanden

2 Separation of the hip joint
Pelvic Isolation/Hip Joint Isolation/
Loosen with a rubber ball / Break from both shoulders / Break from both hands

3 Tightening of the sacrum
What is the tightening of the sacrum / How to convey weight / Breaking from a hug /
Breaking from a bow / moving with four legs / breaking both hands /
Balance Board Training / Outline of Tanden

4 Tanden and Teuchi
Use the inside of your hand / Use the ball to do Tanden / Align the left and right with the ball /
Work with the ball / Awareness of the inside of the hand

5 Connection with Tanden
Synchronization of Tanden / Arm wrestling using Tanden / Conveying the power of Tanden from a stick / return pressure from tanden

EX Break Handshake

Language: Japanese

Run time: 56 min.


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