Sambo Leglocks for Nogi Grappling 2 DVD Set by Reilly Bodycomb.

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This is a 2 disc DVD set that includes both the first and second volume of 'Sambo Leg Locks for No-Gi Grappling.' These DVDs are recordings of seminars given by Reilly Bodycomb (grappling and leg lock coach for NY Combat Sambo) designed to help contemporary submission grapplers integrate Sambo leg attacks into their own game by breaking them down into a succinct, easy to understand system. This DVD covers aggressive entries into leg locks from multiple positions, tactics to keeping leg control for long periods of time, and proper finishes to the toe hold, heel hook, knee bar, and the most misunderstood leg submission, the Achilles ankle lock.

"Reilly Bodycomb is a leglock master. He shows very interesting variants and exhibits excellent body mechanics and dynamics. His groundwork is highly technical. His DVD would be perfect for sambo, submission wrestling and mixed martial arts sportsmen interested in developing their leglock ability. I highly recommend it."

Igor Kurinnoy
Merited Master of Sport
Three Time Sambo World Champion
Five Time Sambo World Cup Champion
Director of Borec Sports Club

"I will attest, Reilly Bodycomb's leg locks are VERY good."
-Brian Cimins, Grapplers Quest CEO

Customer Reviews

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Jeremiah Soileau

I haven't been able to view it due to my dvd player not functioning with my tv. It would be great if the instructional could be accessed digitally.

Great leg lock system

These dvd's show a great leg lock positioning system for control as well as all the little details to perform leg locks correctly. Reilly goes into great detail on each position, how to get into it and counters as well.
Not as good for BJJ because of the leg reaping rule (most of the positions involved would be illegal for BJJ), but great for general grappling and/or mma.