I.B.U. Karate Logic DVD by Coach Tonoyama

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Part 1
Karate Theory Commentary

Budo Technical Analysis Methods
  1. Biomechanics
  2. Exercise Physiology
  3. Nervous system and Muscle function
  4. Energy Supply
  5. About Sen -“Gorin no sho”
  6. Priority of the senses
  7. Manifest and Subconscious mind
Techniques and analytical presentations by I. B. U. athletes
  • Response to Sen no Sen
  • How to build the match using the five senses
Explanation of “techniques that can be used in a match” by I. B. U. athletes
  • Variety of entering variations
  • Tactics and Kizami-zuki
  • One-two, easy for the referee to judge
  • Umawashi techniques for same stance / reverse stance
  • Delayed Keri and Changing Keri
  • Nage techniques that operate a shift in the centre of gravity

Part 2
Practice, NSSU x IBU joint training

Coach Tonoyama’s Reaction Exercise
Breathing in the basics
Footwork and Uchikomi
Senior Ido’s In-Body Motor Theory
Five human senses and Kumite strategies
Practical! By IBU athletes Seminars
NSSU x IBU, after the first joint training


Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run Time: 150 min.


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