12kg (26 lb) Cast Iron Powder Coated Kettlebell by Kaizen Athletic

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The classic Kaizen Kettlebell is back with a new look!

These high quality kettlebells are perfect for taking your strength training to a new level. Kettlebells are the best tool to develop functional strength, conditioning, and super grip strength.


  • Comfortable Grip: Our powder coat finish allows for a good and safe grip unlike other styles of kettlebells that use a polished grip which can slip with sweaty hands.
  • Extreme Durability: Our powder coated cast iron kettlebells are designed with durability in mind. These are one piece kettlebells with no welds or seams.
  • Versatility: Our kettlebells are useful for a wide range of exercises including lifts, swings, get ups and squats. A variety of exercises allow for a full body workout.
  • No Rust: Our non-corrosive finish protects against corrosion and rust. Enjoy many years of use with these great looking kettlebells.
  • Easily Identifiable: Our kettlebells have convenient color coding to designate the weight. In addition, the weight is also printed in lbs and kg on the side.

Available in 12kg, 16kg and 24kg

The 12kg kettlebell can be shipped anywhere in the US, as it is shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Patch
Great product

Great design Very satisfied

Jon Helliwell

So glad these are back. I got my first set of kaizen kettlebells 10 years ago. The new ones have a different design, which is an improvement imo. The wider base is cool and I like the color coding as well.