Arm Across the Chest Guillotine by Bjorn Friedrich (On Demand)

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In this video series, BJJ Blackbelt and Submission Wrestling European Champion Björn Friedrich is showing you his Arm Across the Chest (AATC) Guillotine system. Learn how to control your opponent and apply the AATC Guillotine from different forms of Guard Control.

You will not only learn the AATC Guillotine but also Follow-Ups, Sweeps and Submissions that can be connected into a very effective attacking Flow. The AATC Guillotine is a pretty unknown but versatile position that can surprise your opponent and allows you to attack him with a series of highly effective techniques.


Volume 1:
Intro to the Arm across the Chest Guillotine
Entry into the AATC Guillotine I
Entry into the AATC Guillotine II
Entry into the AATC Guillotine III
Darce Choke Follow Up
The 100% Sweep

Volume 2:
Back Take from the 100%
Elbow Lock from the 100
Sweep into mounted Guillotine
Sweep into mounted AATC Guillotine
AATC Guillotine to Guillotine
Dealing with the AATC Guillotine Defense
AATC Guillotine from Octopus Half Guard

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