Aiki Techniques that Anyone can do Book by Yoshiji Yuzawa

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Aiki with yarn!?
It takes aiki with the mindset and image power!

It's amazing how even a strong opponent can win if you pull the yarn with your hand!
It's full of "little tricks" of Aiki!

"Raise your arms so that you can hang from above"
"Ignore the grabbed wrist and move the elbow"
"Push the other side of the opponent's body through"

If you change your consciousness a little, the way you use your body, the quality of your power, and your relationship with your opponent will all change, and it's amazing how you'll be able to use techniques!
Anyone can experience it!!

"Aiki" is a master technique that instantly throws any big opponent without relying on strength.
It's a mystery that a secret technique that is thought to take years to master has the property that "anyone can do it" at the same time!
The birth of a master technique method that allows you to take a step toward becoming a master!

Length: 176 pages

Language: Japanese


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