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TWIBJJ Episode 48 - The Miyao Brothers

This week in BJJ, Budo Jake flies solo for the first half with a review of the 2013 IBJJF Pro League 2, New Products and the largest group of promotions we've seen all year.

Budo Jake is then joined on the mats by two of our good friends, Magid Hage and AJ Agazarm as they sit in to get a few berimbolo techniques from the masters of the inverted sweep, Paulo and Joao Miyao.

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Jason, Great stuff! I started using the TRX back in January and went thurogh the instructor course in February. I used to get severe hamstring cramps holding certain positions in BJJ which required a hard hamstring contraction(half guard,arm bar positions, triangle positions). All the deadlifts and kettlebell swings I’ve done during training had no effect on alleviating the cramps. After about a month of working TRX hamstring curls, TRX hamstring alternating bicycles, and the TRX hip press I suffered no further hamstring cramps. The improved core strength and shoulder stability from other drills has been great too. The TRX is a valuable training tool for BJJ. Good stuff! Keep it coming.

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